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Smokestack Band Members
:::Daniel Eichinger:::
Dan Eichinger has been playing the drums since he was in elementary school. Over the years he has participated in numerous jazz, rock and funk bands. In addition Dan has studied with many teachers along the way including Sonny Igoe,   Tom Igoe, Chuck Spies and Ed Shaughnessy. Aside from his teacher's, Dan's drumming influences include Billy Kilson, Will Kennedy, Horacio Hernandez, David Garibaldi, Carter Beauford, and Calvin Rogers.

After graduating from the University of Michigan in 2001, Dan made the decision to make Smokestack his career. Ever since, the band's music and success have become his two top priorities. Smokestack provides Dan with a platform to develop his individual playing in a group setting that fosters listening and sensitivity. As a result, Dan has realized many things since joining the band a couple of years back, most notably the idea that 'it's not just what you play, but HOW you play it.' Translation: Play with BALLS! Dan always strives to convey this belief to Smokestack
fans across the country.

Current listening:

-Conting Crows - "Hard Candy"
-VIP Mass Choir featuring John P. Kee - "Mighty in the
-Michel Camilo - "Triangulo"
-Dave Matthews Band - "Busted Stuff"
-Garaj Mahal - Live Shows



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