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Smokestack Band Members
:::Chuck Newsome:::
Chuck plays guitar, guitar synthesizer and adds vocals for Smokestack. At 24, he lives in Canton, and spends his time practicing, writing music, teaching guitar, and soaking up all that life offers.

He took piano lessons as a child and played trumpet in his middle school Jazz Band. After picking up the guitar at age 18 and immediately falling in love he spent countless hours studying guitar playing and composing styles of Trey Anastasio, David Gilmour, Jerry Garcia, and many others. After playing in the basement (yes THE basement!) attempting to jam on
Grateful Dead tunes, he helped form what is now Smokestack. The band originally played a few gigs in local bars. When Chuck and Thom met up with James Sibley the band really began to take shape. In 1999, he started pursuing a Jazz Studies degree from Wayne State University, and now, in his last year, plays with the WSU Guitar Ensemble I and leads a quartet at the University. In late 2000, Dan Eichinger joined to solidify the band.

Chuck's major influences include Trey Anastasio (Phish), John Medeski (and the rest of Medeski, Martin, and Wood), Charlie Hunter (8-string guitarist), John Coltrane, Marc Ribot, Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead), Ali-Shaheed Muhammed (DJ for A Tribe Called Quest), Soulive, Umphrey's McGee, Herbie Hancock, and John Scofield.

Chuck's Current Stage Rig:
Heritage Millenium Custom Guitar (fully hollow)
Fender Deluxe Amplifier
Roland GR-33 Guitar Synth
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
Dunlop Crybaby Wah
Boss Octave Pedal
Danelectro Overdrive
Ibanez Tubescreamer TS-9
Boss Compressor
Boss Digital Delay and Looping Device
Hughes and Ketner Tube Rotosphere
Mutron III Envelope Filter
Jim Dunlop Jazz Stubby 3.0mm

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1. "Tonic"- Medeski, Martin and Wood
2. Live Umphrey's McGee
3. "Thrust"- Herbie Hancock
4. "Garcia/Grisman"- Jerry Garcia and David Grisman
5. "Giant Steps"- John Coltrane



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